Mirror TV Autumn Sale

We are pleased to announce that our Autumn Sale for 2019 is well under way.  It’s the first time we’ve put our Mirror TV products on sale, and pre Christmas orders are on the up.

To get your product before Christmas 2019, please order before the 29th of November.

However if you miss this date, all is not lost.  We will continue to hold our prices all the way up until Christmas, but you might have to wait till January to receive your product.

Our MirrorTV products are the best selling of their kind in the UK.  We supply more retailers than any other brand, and we have the largest catalogue of photographed work of any other company.

So if you\’re looking for a MirrorTV or any other hidden TV product, why not give us a call for some advice?  We don\’t believe in pressure sales, and are here in purely an advisory capacity until you wish to go ahead with an order.

We look forward to hearing from you and would like to take this opportunity to with you and your family a great Christmas season.