98″ MirrorTV in a Home Gym

In February 2018, we received a call from Peggy Prenderville of Peggy Prenderville Interior Design.

Peggy explained that they wanted to remove the entire cinema setup including the projector and screen, and replace it with a wall of mirror with a hidden TV inside.

This is not out of the ordinary for us, but when told that it was a 98″ TV, this did change the goalposts somewhat.  You see, a 98″ TV cannot be wall mounted, and is generally used on the legs it comes with.

Instead of going back and forth with emails and phone calls, we decided to meet on site in Hampstead, and were blown away by what was an absolutely majestic apartment on a scale that would put some of the largest UK homes to shame.

The wall where the projector screen was installed had 3 cinema speakers that the client wanted to keep to ensure they have great sound in the room.  So we decided to move these up to the highest position and make fabric covered panels to match the rest of the walls.  

The rest of the wall was fitted with 3 large panels of our premium mirror glass.  You can see from our images that the finished product did look rather spectacular.

But before we got to this stage, the entire wall had to by ply lined for structural rigidity, and adjusted to be completely flat to ensure a good glass fit.  We also had to create a recess for the 98″ TV to sit in.  

In addition to this recess, we built a steel cradle for the Mirror TV to sit in.  These extra measures had to be taken to ensure the wall and the cradle could hold the TV’s weight adequately.  With a weight of 97kgs, we couldn’t take any chances.

Have a look at the video below to see the finished article.

You can see some pictures of the various stages of this build below.  If you’re an Interior Designer who’d like to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us.  Whether it’s a simple wall mounted Mirror TV or a more elaborate installation, feel free to get in touch.