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MirrorTVs are our staple product. When designing a room’s interior scheme, if the TV spoils the overall look and feel, a MirrorTV is the perfect addition to blend it into the design.


Both our Motorised and Digital ArtTV systems are the perfect alternative to our best selling MirrorTV products. With an infinite choice of art, they make an equally impressive addition to any home.

Bespoke Service

If our standard products just aren’t quite what you need, let us design you something that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s a personalised frame or an entire wall of glass with a hidden TV. We got you.

As featured on the gadget show

In Autumn 2020, we were featured on The Gadget Show as a part of their show on Air BnB homes and how they can be kitted out with technology to enhance their appeal. As well as this, we’ve been featured on numerous other Home Renovation shows.

Why pictureFrame.TV?

We are the UK’s largest and most reviewed hidden TV manufacturer and supplier. With countless reviews online, you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands with us. We also have easy to understand transparent pricing on our website for each of our standard products, so no emailing to get quotes.

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