55″ Full Wall MirrorTV

Sometimes we get asked to carry some quite outlandish work. Usually is some equally outlandish places.

This particular project was so much fun due to the fact that the barn had some amazing articles that were close to my heart. Cars, James Bond Helicopters, Jurassic Park fossils, to name but a few.

But back to the point. We were asked by a client to build one of our Mirror TV walls for a home gym within the barn. We priced it up as we usually would and sent across the email to the client.

The client was happy to proceed, so off we went to template for the glass and survey for any potential pitfalls.

Once we got there, the client immediately told us that the drawing he’d sent had a straight edge on the right hand side of the wall, but they had now decided to have the wall meet a shaped beam instead.

We decided to stretch ourselves and shape the glass to the beam. In theory pretty easy, but in practice, a little tricky. We managed to make this work, and the result is truly outstanding. The clients are both super pleased with the result.

The central panel surrounding the TV is removable for servicing the TV, and the surrounding 4 pieces are bonded in permanently.

We do generally recommend that the TV panel is only slightly larger than the TV as it’s safer to remove. Whilst you have one or two horizontal join lines in the glass, in the long term, it’s best practice to do it this way.

If you’re an Interior Designer or Architect that would like to offer your clients something with a little more WOW factor, this is the perfect solution in a home gym area.

Please do get in touch as we’d love to assist.