Bespoke Mirror TV for Lydia Millen

In Summer of 2021, we were contacted by Lydia Millen’s office to design and install a MirrorTV around an existed recessed LG TV.

Having met and discussed various options, we left some frame samples with Lydia to mull over and make a decision with.

Our S125 frame has always been popular, and the tones in the frame go perfectly with those in the room. 

In a space with such impeccable attention to detail, why not make the TV blend in too? Our framed MirrorTV option is the ideal way to integrate technology into a space where design is also important. TVs so often are the focal point of a room and can end up dominating. However, with a TVMirror, this take care of both aesthetics and functionality.

As you can see from the pictures and video, the end result is a beautiful looking mirror above the fireplace when switched off, and a perfectly functional TV when switched on.

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