Bespoke Mirror TV in a Classically Interior Designed Home

We finally had a chance to revisit this lovely Berkshire country home, and take some pictures and make a short video.

This is a lovely house nestled in the depths of the Berkshire countryside.  Whilst the house is a brand new build, the design touches are very classic and tasteful.  As with any home, once you move in, it takes some time for it to really become personal.  

There are three of our MirrorTV products in this home, and we\’re looking forward to visiting again to gather some more pictures and videos as those rooms are completed.

You’ll notice from our website that we work in a wide variety of homes.  But our favourite places to work are homes where the interiors are of a classic design.  This is where our Mirror TV products are best displayed.  With the furniture in this room, it’d be a shame to spoil the feel and look of the room with a modern looking TV screen.

Whether we like it or not, people want TVs in more and more rooms in the home.  Whilst this might be practical, it does pose some design challenges when you’re trying to create a space where you don’t want the room to be centred around a TV.  

At PictureFrame.TV, we take pride in our work, and we love to see our products in some of the UK’s finest homes.

If you\’re an Interior Design, AV or Electrical Professional, do contact us to see how we can help with that extra WOW factor in your client\’s homes.

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