Bespoke 55″ Gym Mirror TV Wall

Earlier this year, we were approached by an AV/Home Automation company to quote on a mirrored glass wall in a client’s basement home gym.  The wall was to have a hidden TV inside one of the panels of glass.

When working on such projects, there are a number of factors to consider.  One of the obvious ones being sound.  In most instances, the AV company on the project setup external/ceiling speakers to work with the television.  Other things to consider are how to make the glass removable to have access to the TV and other electrical components behind.  At PictureFrame.TV, we don’t simply seal the glass to the wall with adhesive.  This is not good practice, and shows that little thought was put into the future requirements.

One of the other things to consider is the number of pieces we can safely install.  In an ideal world, you want to use the least number of panels possible to ensure a more seamless fit.  But when working in a basement, you have to think about access.  In this instance, the glass would not fit down the stairs, so we’d either have to make the pieces much narrower, which aesthetically wouldn’t look right, or do what we did, and bring the glass down into the basement from outside the house.  This wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but we managed to do it without breaking any pieces.

Having precisely measured the glass panels using our special form of measuring, we were able to install the glass without any mishaps.  The central panel is removable and held in with magnets.  As you can see from the two videos below, the installation went very smoothly, and the finished product is very impressive.  The main thing is that the client was overjoyed and very complimentary of the work that we carried out.

This same principle can be used in other areas of the house.  For instance, we could build a room divider that has a MirrorTV on one side with speakers that are also hidden in the glass.  So if you’re an interior designer looking for something different with a major WOW factor, please let us know, and we’d be happy to help.