PictureFrame.TV WIN Build 2019 Best Hidden TV Specialists Award

In autumn 2018, we were nominated for Build Magazine\’s 2019 Home and Garden Awards.  For these awards they had a category for Hidden TV Specialists.  In 2019, whilst the MirrorTV market is still small, there are still various brands of products that are available in the UK.  Some imported from abroad, and a handful that make products in the UK.

PictureFrame.TV has the largest network of retailers that sells to consumers.  In addition to this, the quality of the product surpasses that of the other companies on the market.  We use Samsung\’s screen technology as the heart of our MirrorTV products.  Our products are designed and manufactured to a much higher standard than many other companies.  Where some companies simply supply you with a frame, a piece of glass and some Velcro straps to fix to the TV, we go just that little bit further.

2019 will bring a new range of products.  Including bathroom TVs, and TVs that look like kitchen appliances.  Watch this space.

With multiple award wins from Houzz, it\’s no surprise that we\’re also known for our dedication to customer service.  When you buy a PictureFrame.TV product, we will endeavour to ensure you\’re pleased with your purchase.  We\’re not into pressure sales, and if we feel that your room might be too bright or unsuitable in any way for our products, we\’d rather be upfront and not make a sale.  It\’s very important to us to have happy customers and sell with integrity.

Thank you to the panel judges at Build Magazine for our award win.

If you\’re an AV company or Interior Design professional, please do get in touch if you have any requirements for hidden TV solutions.